Make your own game with Pixaquarium!

Pixaquarium Game Maker is now open! Now anyone can be a game developer. Check it out! Upload your own artistic designs, save, and share with friends!

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“Annika’s Game” – new screenshot!

Here’s another beautiful creation, this time by Annika! She says, “The fairy is being chased by the underwater creatures. She’s a very fast fairy, though.”

Thanks, Annika!

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“Jamon’s World!” Sent in by Jamon

Jamon sent in this screenshot of his creation, “Jamon’s World!” (…Well, technically, Jamon’s Dad sent us the screenshot)

It looks great, Jamon! Thank you for letting us show it off!

We’d love to see more of what you all created with Pixaquarium — and if you’d like, we’ll post them here. (With your permission, of course!)

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Try Pixaquarium Game Maker FREE!

We’re about to release Pixaquarium Game Maker to the public — but in the meantime, try it out for free!

Pixaquarium Game Maker™ Ever wanted to make a game, but don’t have years of programming experience or a staff of artists?  Pixaquarium Game Maker lets anyone make a game!

Add your own artwork, save and share with friends!

Want a game with goblins and fairies? Racecars? Dragons and monsters? Take photos of your friends, draw your own pictures and more!

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Have a sneak peek of our new game!

Want to see a game before the rest of the public sees it?

We’re nearly done with our second game and would like some other people to check it out before we release it into the wild.

If you’re interested, reply here, or through our feedback page!

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What do you want to see in a sequel?


We’ve been soaring ahead on the sequel, but it’s missing one thing — YOU! We love to hear your suggestions. Send us a note by clicking on the “contact” tab above, and we’ll put you on the invite list for the private beta!

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We love your suggestions!

How To Play
This suggestion was from Mark. Thanks, Mark!

If you have a suggestion, please leave us a note — either here in the comments, on our Facebook page or through the ‘Contact’ tab above.


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New Jounce screenshot!

We love to see your screenshots! Thanks for sending them in!

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Thanks for all the Jounce feedback!

jounce_iconAll the comments we’ve gotten have been very helpful. Thank you so much! As an independent developer we depend on your wonderful support.

There were some bumps on release last week, but they’ve been ironed out, hunted down, given cold stares, kicked out of the building — if you find any more stragglers, please let us know. We want to make sure everything is going right!

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Jounce is now live on Facebook! Check it out!

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